Airport of Cinquale

Parachuting The airport's tourist Marina di Massa is in a unique geographic position, wedged between the Alps and the Sea, and is used throughout the year, with around 7000 movements, and selected with increasing frequency by many people.

Currently the airport is accessible and conforms to the PRG and inserted 'between ICAO Taxis Category 1 A and nell'AIP (Aeronautical Information Publication).

For several years they have settled in permanent, the airport of Marina di Massa, the Regional Public Health Office 118 with the Helicopter and the Civil Defense, and have enhanced the service with two helicopters for rescue operations in mountain, forest fire fighting and control of the territory.


For all fans of the skydive and paracadutiscmo sports, you can fly in fall Free to 200 Km / hr for over 4000 meters. with an experienced and qualified instructor at the Skydive Cinquale Sports: 40 seconds of free flight in absolute safety in all, a magnificent panorama will be with you after the opening of the parachute to a soft landing at the airport.

For tourists or just interested in sport parachuting sport, we recommend a visit to Axis. Sports Skydive Cinquale.

Project Pegasus

The project aims to expand and develop the operating system of the airport without changing the existing boundaries, the proposed structure will produce a final complex that can provide more than a track and fittings asphalted, assistance to the flight, ground, logistics and technical the airport, the departments of housing and aircraft maintenance, Heliport suitable for rescue service night.

The operating system obviously requires the use of all those measures that will operate with maximum safety and minimize environmental impact, such as visual devices for assisting in landing phase "vasis" phono-absorbent barriers to noise, opening of the airport to aircraft certificates.

It therefore determines, ultimately, under the thrust of future development and modernity, a decided change of approach to the exploitation of the structure that will provide an economic impact and social consequences of which will benefit the whole and especially the area where the structure is located.

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