Massese Football

The first game played at Mass dates back to February 15 1914, when Piazza d 'Armi the "S. S. Strength and Courage FBC" met the "Sporting Club Querceta."

On 29 March 1915 the "SS Strength and Courage" changed name to "Massa Football Club" and shortly after his birth there was a crisis management level, the supernumerary players had much to lead to a splitting of society were born so the SS Pro Massa "and" Virginia ".

The first derby was there on 5 April 1915 when the SS Pro Massa met Pol Carrarese. The history of the two companies continued without success until forced to rest as the First World War will force until 1919.

Born at the end of the war, "Juventus SS mass" which, with white and green, begins his official disputed six championships until it is removed in 1926 by federal ranks for accidents occurring in the game with the Pietrasanta.

Arriving at a compromise, with l 'acquisition of a percentage on receipts from the' fascist administration, the city found again its stadium. But for them to just an 'other forced suspension due to the Second World War will see the 'nth order of a team town, and then attend the birth of a new club in 1945.

This is the 'U. S. Massese Juventus 1919 "in tribute to former SS Juventus Massa founded in 1919, who wore the shirt white black.

The years go by and the young club grows and gives excellent results, Series C in the 1946-47 season nearly in the series to promote education and training that was adopted by all the stronger than ever, so far as the Swiss sing: "Oil, oil, to win the Massese we want the National .

The best items are disposed of at Tuscan A and the flight of talent determines a step all 'category back in the early 50's.

E 'with the season 1964-65 that the masses are riaffaciano in series C where they remain until the historic B promotion in 1969.

But the dream will last little and relegation is upon us. Today the military Massese football series C1.


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