pasta ai funghi porcini

La Cucina di Massa Carrara

Once the kitchen of this zone was that poor, today has turned into wealth and variety of preparation. From simple ingredients of the earth, are born recipes and variations that have helped to make some special dishes of the most characteristic of the area as the cake of ERBI, the testaroli or panigacci.

The Lardo of Colonnata

When it comes to tradition gastronomic one can not but mention the typical product p'er excellence in the province of Massa Carrara. The type of marble is most suited to mature lard is the "slide", where, from September to May, lard is squared and arranged in layers, alternating sea salt and a rich mixture of herbs and spices. During these six months, thanks to a slow and careful preparation, was born this fine savory and salami, that column has been able to exploit maintaining the old ancient techniques of preparation with the use of marble.

Other culinary delights

As for growing wheat dl we clarify that the valley was limited, whereas in mountainous areas the only meal that was used was derived from chestnuts collected in the woods and dried in metati. The breads, typical local products, tutt'orta produces a Vinca, Agnino, Signa, Karns and Pontremoli. One of the best known is undoubtedly the bread Casola boasts that the bar, another traditional dish consisting of beans and polenta.

From abbianare cheese is a tasty honey of Lunigiana, the only mark DOP category, which combines the sweetness of the taste dell'acacia chestnut. Among the agricultural crops typical of Lunigiana meet the onion Treschietto planted near the castle Malaspina, and the bean Bigliolo.

Perfect synthesis of these products is certainly the famous cake of ERBI, which formerly was prepared with wild herbs. Finally, we must also consider the tasty seafood dishes, suggesting a slow preparation and worked as the stockfish and cod.