Fairs and Exhibitions in Massa Carrara

On holiday in Massa Carrara tourists lover of taste and good food, will have the opportunity to try and buy products typical of the area that will be exhibited at fairs and festivals of the fractions of Massa Carrara.

Spino Fiorito

April, Massa. Biennale in the enogastronomy which exhibited the typical products of the area in the Castle Malaspina.

Festival of Lard

August, Colonnade. During the festival is proposed a tasting of famous lardo di Colonnata, in the evocative setting of marble quarries.

Festival Panigaccio

August Podenzana. This is a typical dish of Lunigiana-shaped pasta cooked in circular texts on clay and accompanied by cold meats and cheeses.

Chestnut Festival

October, Licciana Nardi. In an impressive is the chestnut in all its facets as possible.