The Monuments of Massa, driving for tourists!

In a holiday Mass, visit the piazzas and monuments of the city!

Palazzo Ducale

He was wanted by Alberico I, who left his residence for a historic residence migliore.Gli interior of the Palace are truly sumptuous, filled with columns, stairs and arcades, all strictly in white marble and constructed by Bergamini. For want of Teresa Pamphili Instead, the palace was changed externally managed and Alessandro Bergamini, speaking on the structure and color, to give the Palace a new style. Today it is called by the Palazzo Rosso messes and houses the offices of the province and the prefecture.

Piazza Aranci

It is located right in the center of the city and is one of the major monuments. It was expanded around all'800 when Elisa Baciocchi, sister of Napoleon, wanted to give more space to its building thus demolishing the cattadrale of St. Peter. The name derives from the fact that around the square were placed orange trees, and then was added to the fountain with 'obelisk. The last changes were the four lions carved in marble by John Island.

Piazza Mercury

The fifteenth Market Square, take the Named for the God of Commerce, Mercury. The square is famous because it is precisely that it siu overlook some of the most important buildings of the city as the Bibliotaca Civic and the facade of the Chiesa di San Giovanni Decollato, built by Charles I Cybo Malaspina in 1639. Square you can take away the old plate, closed by the Church of Carmine, which is the access road to city that rises toward the fortress.

Teatro Guglielmi

It was built for the will of City around the middle dell'800 and dedicated to Alessandro Guglielmi, a great composer Massese lived in the eighteenth century. Today offers citizens a great season of prose.