Some Recipes of the place!

We offer some of the recipes typical of Massa Carrara, so you can try the taste of these unique and authentic flavors!

Cake of Erbium

Ingredients: 4 etti 00 of flour, 2 pounds of beets from leaf, 2 eggs, a handful of breadcrumbs, 3 etti ricotta, a handful of rich pecorino, salt and pepper.

Preparation: Peel the beets, wash and chop but not too thin, and put them salarle school for a quarter of an hour. Mix in a bowl ricotta, the breadcrumbs, pecorino, eggs, a pinch of pepper and two tablespoons of oil. Place the flour on spianatoia, add water, two tablespoons of oil and a pinch of salt, mixed with a lot of energy. Divide the dough in two and pull the Browse. Spread the first puff on the bottom of adeeguatamente greased baking dish, then pour the batter layer in a thickness of a couple of centimentri. Cover with second browse, uniting on the board first. Sprinkle with abundant oil and preticare surface on numerous holes with a fork p'er allow Ola transpiration during cooking. Place in hot oven until the pastry will become a beautiful amber color.

Rice cake to Carrarina

Ingredients: 500 g of sugar, 15 eggs, a liter of milk, a glass of anise, the grated rind of a lemon, 2 tablespoons white flour, butter to the pan, salt

Preparation: Boil rice in salted water for 5 minutes. Eggs work well with the sugar and salt and add slowly, still stirring, milk and lemon rind. grease with butter the bottom and the sides of a baking dish from oven and sprinkle with the flour. arrange rice on the bottom and cover with the mixture of milk and eggs. Cook in oven medium (180 ?) for about 45-50 minutes.

Frittini the Lunigiana

Ingredients: 200 grams of yellow flour, 200 grams of fresh Borlotti beans, 300 grams of black cabbage, half cup of olive oil, salt and pepper.

Preparation: sgranare beans and put them in a pan with a liter of water and some 'salt and boil for 10 minutes. Add cabbage and black clean cut into strips, pour the oil and cook for 40 minutes. Gradually stir the flour yellow trying not to lumps, and let cook slowly for about an hour. Then seasoned with salt and pepper. Remove the dough from the fire, sdraiatelo in a pan and let cool. Once cold, cut into cubes and friggetelo in hot oil.

Testaroli of Lunigiana

Ingredients: 600 grams of wheat flour, half a liter of water, salt.

Preparation: With water, flour and salt is preparing a smooth batter. Heat the form of basis (written in metal or clay) and pour un po 'di batter evenly on the bottom, up to about half centimeter spessore.Mettere the cover and complete cooking: 8 or 9 minutes. Once cooked, cut the disc lozenges or squares (4 or 5 centimeters) that is then put on a few minutes in boiling water.

Steacks of Lamb of Zeri

Ingredients: steacks lamb, an egg, milk, lemon, olive oil and salt.

Preparation: Leave the steaks for a couple of hours into the beaten, with the addition of milk, lemon and a little salt. Then pass them in grated bread and fry. Serve very hot with seasonal salad or other side dish you like.