Tours on holiday ... between art and sculpture!

Tourists who is on holiday in Carrara, will have the opportunity to visit some of the most important and majestic places in the city. Discover the churches, theaters and old buildings is one way to approach the architectural styles and personalities that have helped make the city a great cultural center, artistic and religious.

Duomo di Carrara

The monument is to best artistic history of the city and witness the close bond that has for centuries with the marble industry. Started in the eleventh century and concluded in the fourteenth century, the cathedral represents styles ranging from Romanesque to Gothic, as can be seen from the rose window from the top of the facade and the portal. The bell tower of the cathedral, high over 30 meters, is the testimony of several influences. The interior is rich marble sculptures including: "Madonna and Child surrounded by saints" of Andrew Look, "Madonna and Child between San Domenico and Santa Caterina," the altar of Assunta "designed by Andrea Pelliccia and many other works of major artists' era.

Piazza Duomo. Phone: 0585 71942

Animated theater

The design of the theater, completed in 1836, in just four years, belongs to Joseph Pardini. Inside, in classic style, is enriched and decorated with beautiful white marble. Inaugurated in 1840, the theater housed always great seasons prose and the first season was in 1842.

Piazza Cesare Battisti 1. Tel: 0585 641425

Santuario della Madonna del Carmine

This is the first church built in the city center after the Duomo. l 'altar more dedicated to Our Lady of Mount Caramel and above it is a beautiful painting by Domenico Fiasella and an old fresco depicting the Virgin. Among the most important works we can admire the statue of Our Lady of Caramel "and the altar dedicated to Santa Maria dei Pazzi.

Piazza dell'Accademia. Phone: 0585 70166

Palazzo Cybo-Malaspina

The construction of the building dates back to William Malaspina period from 1448 and became the residence of the family sets Malaspina. The architecture of the building is divided into several groups: on one side of the Castle has Malaspina of 1200, the other is the Renaissance palace. Today the palace is home of 'Accademia delle Belle Arti di Carrara.

Villa Fabbricotti

This is one of the most beautiful structures architectural and Carrara is on the way Provincial Granagna, in a park of about eight hectares. The building dates from 1879, designed by Vincenzo Micheli, and is characterized by its neo-classical style, and for the imposing facade of moderation and the big balcony entirely of marble.
The park's villa blends in perfectly with the architecture, while the English garden, eye for detail, offers a wonderful path between plants, shrubs and small trees paths.

Casa di Michelangelo in Carrara

The finest Carrara marble has always attracted famous people and great artists, past and present. Among the most famous was certainly Michelangelo Buonarroti, who went to Carrara to choose the most precious marbles for his works. He used to stay in a building at corner of Piazza Duomo and Via Finelli, easily recognizable by an epigraph.

House of Emanuele Repetti

The home of the famous naturalist and historian Emanuele Repetti is located in Via Santa Maria at number 14, where, they say, was previously the residence of Petrarch. The beautiful facade in marble bas-medieval shows, including the emblem of Carrara and the wheel, a symbol of wagons carrying Carrara marble downstream.

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