The territory of Carrara, information for tourists!

The town of Carrara is the last city center Toscano, as is right on the border with Liguria and beyond borders with Emilia Romagna. The province spread from the coast in the area of Marina di Carrara, at the foot of the Alps, where the mountainous parts of the province of Massa Carrara.

The river waters the city is the Carrione that comes from the mountain Spallone, while the old town of Carrara spread halfway between the coast and the mountainous area even if it is not clearly visible from the sea as surrounded by several marble quarries.

The coast is wet from the Ligurian Sea and boasts a large expanse of beaches where every year, in summer, thousands of tourists come to pass their holidays. Carrara fact, as well as the great historical and artistic heritage, offers visitors a choice of the beach, sea, mountains and nature.


The climate is mild Carrra, typical of the Alps that shelter the city from the cold winds of the north. The sea instead welcomes the warm currents of the Mediterranean Sea. As for the rain we can say that I similar to those of Liguria, with the highest density of rainfall especially in the month of November.

In the mountains the climate is temperate and cool the annual rainfall is more abundant than the coast.


Province: Massa Carrara

Fractions: Coden, Bedizzano, Bergiola, Bonascola, Colonnata, Miseglia, Nazzano, Torano, Sorgnano, Avenza, Marina di Carrara, Castelpoggio, sources, Gragnani, Noceto, Fossoli

Name inhabitants Carraresi, carrarini

Patron saint: San Ceccardo

Public holiday: June 16