Holidays in Fivizzano

Town of about 9,000 inhabitants in the province of Massa Carrara, on the south-western slopes of the Tuscan-Emilian in Lunigiana.
It is often remembered as the "Florence of Lunigiana", as Fivizzano affected a lot of the impact Medici, for which there are several other witnesses.

In 1471 Jacopo da Fivizzano you opened one of the first printing of Europe and in 1478 were the city walls built in 1537 that defended the city from attack by the Spanish.

During the Second World Fivizzano, Mommio, Vinca and tender were subjected to massacres by the Nazi, for this reason the city was decorated with the silver medal with military valor.

In a holiday Fivizzano tourists will be attracted by numerous architectural structures of great importance, such as the Castle Verrucole and Castel dell'Aquila of Gragnola. You can also visit the two magnificent and historical centers carattteristici Fivizzano and Gragnola, visit churches and museums of the place.

For the tourist-loving nature is an obligatory step nell'Orto and Botanical Park in the caves of Equi Terme, while in winter the tourists can enjoy his favorite hobby in skiing facilities made available from the town of Cerreto Laghi.

Finally comfortable hotel, farmhouses, bed and breakfast and restaurants in the area you propose pleasant stays with the nature, history and good food.

To visit

Piazza Medicea

Convent of the Augustinian

Oratory of Our Lady

Museum of Printing Jacopo da Fivizzano

Address: Palazzo Fantoni Bononi - via Labindo 6 - 54,034 - Fivizzano (MS)
tel. 0585 92 075 - 0585 92 70 32

Mountain of Ecomuseo Lunigiana

Address: Piazza Garibaldi, 10 - 54,013 - Fivizzano (MS)
Tel: 0585 948,258 - 927,111

Museum of caves "Augustus Caesar Ambrosi"

Address: via the Hole - Equi Terme - Fivizzano (MS)
Tel: 0585 942156

Fairs and festivals

June: "Flavors" food and wine review
Second Sunday in July: "Disfida among arceri Land Court and" historical event and folk.
September "Fivizzano music world", summer music event, broadcast by RAI in prime time.
Sunday after Nov. 9: "Fiera di San Martino"
23-25 December: "Representation of the Nativity" in the caves of Equi Terme.

Hotels, houses, Bed and Breakfast

Agriturismo Boschetto

Via Provinciale 12 locations Moncigoli, fraction Boschetto, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 93057

Agriturismo Giannarelli Lucia

Via Stretta 16 locations Sassalbo, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 949722

The Farmhouse Fontanina

Via Carlo Del Prete, town Fazzi, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 97462

The Farmhouse Melo

Via Ceresole 1, San Terenzo Monti, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 982239

The Farmhouse Mandria

The location Mandria, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 926963

Hotel Giannarelli

Via Damiano Chiesa 20 locations Sassalbo, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 949726

Hotel Belvedere

Via Passo Cerreto, town Sassalbo fraction Crocetta, Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 949717

Restaurants and Taverns

The Garden Restaurant

Via Roma, 57 Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 92060

From the Restaurant Bar

Via del Cerreto SS 63 Fivizzano
Tel: 0039 0585 99488

Restaurante Casa Giannino

Via C? Giannino 63 locations Sassalbo
Tel: 0039 0585 949707

Restaurant Locanda Del Slide

Via Molino 1, location AIOL
Tel: 0039 0585 97547