Carrara architecture of the streets ...!

In a holiday Carrara tourists can admire, in every corner of the city, the splendid architecture that frames the urban center of excellence for marble!

Via Carriona

This is one of the most famous of the city as connecting the city center to the marble quarries. Along the road overlooking the Church of Santa Maria delle Tears, which is kept the image of Our Lady of Tears "by Domenico di Giusto. Further downstream is rather the church of Our Lady of Grace proposing a magnificent Baroque style. Always on the road can admire Villa Fabbricotti, surrounded by park Padula, accessible via a bridge of neo-Gothic style.

Piazza Alberico

It 'a classic example of Renaissance style, surrounded by magnificent palaces, among which stands out Palazzo del Doctor, the property of a rich family entrepreneur in the field of marble. What is striking is the building facade Bicroma that alternates red and white. The square has always been of great importance for the city and it is here that take place all the more important events, from culture to politics.

Piazza Matteotti

The square, also known as Farini, is dominated from the importance of the Greens, the largest temple of opera performances, including the works of Giacomo Puccini. Also on the square facing the Palazzo delle Poste, the largest building of marble architectural Fascist period.