cave marmo carrara

The History of Cave

The news on the first extraction of marble from Carrara in the area date back to the first century. BC during the Roman domination, which exploited as a primary point of the mining town of Luni, which gave the stone the name of Lunense Marmor.

Several studies have shown that in different localities are cut marmifere dating back to Roman facts attributed to the discovery of ancient tools used in extraction of marble: in ancient times was inserted a wedge of wood fig natural cracks in the rock, they were filled up with water to swell the wood and split the stone.

For many centuries after the Roman period there was no more news about the extraction of marble to the end of the thirteenth century, when there is a considerable revival of mining in the area of the marble of Carrara with using the same technique Roman remained in vogue until 700, when it began using the technique launched characterized by the use of explosives: they were charged of long holes by hand, then with the use of hydrochloric acid is was to create a room sufficient to reduce the amount of explosives needed. This technique, however, was to destroy a good quantity of marble useful and created a significant amount of waste material.

In 1889 he was present at the Paris International a new mining technique: a plant with twisted wire which was used to make the cut blocks on the mountain. To facilitate the transport was built a railway linking the main storage facilities in the area of Carrara: Torano, and Miseglia Colonnata. Rail transport stopped finally in 1964, with the advent of new technology and better transportation systems.