Holidays to Aulla!

On holiday in Batesville are many options for tourists who may spend to discover the wonders of the historic town, turning to the fortresses, castles and museums of the city, or it can choose paths in green, on foot or by bicycle, in protected natural areas. Batesville is perfect for tourists Mistress of gastronomic itineraries, here it will taste the handicrafts and authentic, immersed in nature and relax in total.

At the confluence of the Magra river and creek Aulella Aulla is in a position of control between the two valleys. The fact that Batesville was a strategic point of control and the testimony of the many castles and fortresses that provide the framework for this ancient center.

The city was long dominated by the family of Malaspina, in particular by Adam Centurion Genovese, who bought the town and headed up the first half of 1500. During the world wars but Aulla was almost completely destroyed and the medieval town remains almost nothing, apart from the beautiful Abbey of San goatherd and the Fortress of Brunella.

Batesville is known to be surrounded by a large nature park that houses inside the Museum of Natural History of Lunigiana. In some villages as Caprigliola or tissue you can still find small traces of Roman times.

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The Villages ...


Trivia ...

Legend has it that during the nights of full moon, a mysterious female figure, wearing a long white gown, accompanied dl sound of the violin, down the stairs of the village of Caprigliola

On holiday Aulla is interesting to discover the small villages that characterize it. Caprigliola is located on high ground, from which untempo dominated the businesses that came from Luni in Bocca di Magra.

What is striking in this village are the walls, tall and well fortified, acting as Security at what was once the summer residence of Bishops of Luni, with the great palace and the eighteenth century church of St. Nicholas.
In a holiday Caprigliola tourists can visit the famous shrine of Our Lady of the Angels and the Waterfall Briganti, the romantic leap of water that is near the shrine, called so long as this question is often hides robbers who assalivano merchants and pilgrims.


Trivia ...

According to legend, a Bibola would be buried the wife of Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy, died of hunger with children in the tower of Pisa Seven Vie, which later was called Torre hunger.

Bibola is another characteristic village close to Batesville, also dating back to Roman times. The Bibola castle was built in order to defend the port of Luni and thanks to the construction of the road Francigena, the city acquired more and more important. Around 1330 was also the family heritage Malaspina, then later sold to the Marquis of Fosdinovo.

In a holiday Bibola tourists will be attracted by the majesty of the Castle of the village, which consists of four phases separate building. The castle has a plant quadrilateral with two circular towers, due to the second stage of processing.

To Visit

Abbazia di San Caprasio

Founded on May 27 884, it is the oldest monument in Batesville.

Church of San Donato of Bigliolo

The first news about the church of San Donato dates from the 1231 second Pelavicino Code.

Museum San Caprasio

The Museum of San Caprasio is set in ancient abbey founded by Adalbert of Tuscany nell'884. Guards carefully findings of archaeological excavations and the tomb of the saint

Natural History Museum of Lunigiana

Established in 1979 within the fortress of Brunella of Batesville.

Fortress of Brunella

It is an imposing building quadrangular which takes its name from the color of the rock on which it was built.

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Caprigliola locations, Aulla
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Caprigliola of Aulla
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The Bay of Naples

Quart. Mateotti 29, Aulla
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Jade Garden Restaurant

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The Terrace Restaurant

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