The marble of Carrara, varieties and characteristics

There is a wide variety of Carrara marble, all with color and structural features displays are 7 different varieties:

White Marble

One of the most classic of Carrara marble, certainly the best known. Its main feature is the small presence of impurities.

The marble Statuario

Sienna is the most precious marble, used since the Romans for its white / ivory and its crystalline structure, which makes it perfect for working with chisel. Unfortunately, very valuable and used in large quantities for the construction of sculptures, now the majority of deposits of this type have been exhausted.

The veined marble

This is the type of marble more common. E 'characterized by a white or pasta greyish sometimes crossed by gray veins.

The marble Arabescato

Much like the veined, but the veins are to be real issues arabescati the bottom of the white pulp.

The marble Calace

This type of marble, very precious and scarce availability, shows streaks of yellow on a white / ivory.

The marble Bardiglio

Featuring a gray, due to a texture of the rock full of impurities.

The marble onions Zerbino

The onions are so named because it marked with streaks of gray / green pointing to the internal structure of an onion. Most of this marble is located in the marble beds Apuan, in those Carraresi is this variant Zerbino.