Buy products typical of Massa Carrara!

The province of Massa Carrara is a real temple of taste, the DOC wines to local products such as wheat, fruits, chestnut flour, the bread, cold cuts and cheeses for centuries carry on a tradition now recognized throughout the world.

Tourists lover of good food has an opportunity to try and buy these products are healthy and wholesome directly in shops of the place, or it can go to the mills and farmhouses, where it will be welcomed by friendly people who will enjoy the first of its products.

Here's where to buy wine, olive oil and typical products ...

Ronchi farm Noceti

A farm family for its prestigious wine production, manages an experimental vineyard along the river Magra.

Where Santa Giustina, Pontremoli.

Oven The Marocca

Is currently the only oven that continues to produce the Marocca, the typical bread with chestnut flour and potatoes.

Casciana locations, Casola. Tel: 0585 9449122

The Seahorse Marino

Note fish market, open only in the morning, which boasts a good quality fish at attractive prices.

Via Pietro Tacca 3 Carrara. Phone: 0585 779547

The Posticcio

Immersed in the green spendida this farm offers typical local products, especially oil and wine.

Lusuolo locations, Mulazzo. Tel: 0187 494567


This suggests in his family farm tastings and the chance to buy the best wines and oils of the area. In most jams, preserves and tasty pandivino. Tastings at the request and the possibility of acquito in the workshop attached to the house.

Via dell'Uva 3, Colli Candia, Massa. Phone: 0585 831560 Info:

Molino Rossi

Molino specializes in the collection and the dessicator chestnuts, which collects directly from the nearby woods.

Via Molino 22-city Bridge Turano, Fivizzano. Phone: 0585 92303

Producers of Lardo of Colonnata ...

Ada Guadagni

Piazza Palestro 4. Phone: 0585 758030

Algeria Bertei

Via Fossacava 6. Phone: 0585 768012

Erina Ravenna

Via del Giardino 6. Phone: 0585 758076

Larder Colonnata Fausto Gaudagni

Via Town 4. Phone: 0585 768069

Venanzio Vannucci of

Via Garden 12. Tel: 0585 768046