castello malaspina

The Castle Malaspina, curiosity for tourists!

Tourists on holiday in Massa can not escape from visiting one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. This is a real palace-castle during the Renaissance period was the home of the rich family of Malaspina.

During a visit to the castle, you can follow a precise path through the various areas where composed, so that tourists can have complete picture of the building.

The walls, widely restructured over the centuries hosted the armed defense of the castle. Inside the wall, which has also suffered great works of strengthening, were the rooms that were used to deposit the gunner.

The keep, was the last defense of the castle. Retrieved from the rock above, was worked in a way that erger a kind of narrow walls where you could fix by attachhi of enemy artillery.

The Renaissance courtyard, is located in the interior of the castle and also closed by the military defenses. In addition to the frescoed walls, the courtyard is characterized by beautiful interior porch.

The frescoed rooms, are at the heart of the palace, where on every wall you can especially admire the beautiful decorations theme religioso.?

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